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How did we get so lucky….

6 Jan

The holiday craze is finally over, literally just finished taking down the tree. This Christmas was such a special one to have O & M here with us. I just kept thinking back to last Christmas and how we were struggling with the decision to do IVF or not. I think at the time, we were close to losing hope that we would ever be parents. It’s true that little quote, “We were praying for a miracle and we were BLESSED with two”.

Here are a few pictures that Photographer Tatiana Breslow did and we used for our Holiday card. I love the one of Martino and I holding the babies. Maybe it’s all the leftover hormones but it makes me tear up every time. 🙂

The B&W and the pics in the pack n’ play are when we were snowed in at great-grandma’s house.

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Introducing Olivia Jade and Marco Alfonso….

16 Nov

They are finally here!  I had almost given up hope that they would show up on their own. Early October 24th, my water broke and we were on our way.

Marco Alfonso was born at 8:23 and Olivia Jade was born at 8:24.

I can’t believe they are finally here! These two little people that each have their own personalities. Marco is just as I imagined. A calm little boy that just looks around and takes it all in (just like his dad). Olivia came out screaming, this little girl has quite a set of lungs and is not afraid to use them but is such a sweet girl. I love their little faces and watching them sleep.

The past 3 weeks being home with Martino have been great but today he went back to work. 😦  Today we are on our own but we got this. Luckily, we have my mom and sisters and some good friends who have all offered to stop by.

So now the adventures really begin! These two little people have opened my heart in a way that I didn’t know was possible. xoxo

Here are a few pics that Tatiana Breslow took at the hospital. Can’t wait for their photo shoot this week!

Maternity Photo Shoot

6 Aug

I love how these came out. It was a gorgeous day!

Lately, it has been so crazy between work and the construction in the house. It was nice to take this time and just be with Martino and go back to a place where it all began. Our first date was at the Botanical Gardens.

Photographer Tatiana Breslow did an AH-MAZING job! Can’t wait to see what she does for the newborn shoot! 🙂

The first picture is my favorite. If you have ever seen the movie Notting Hill, at the end of the movie, Julia and Hugh are sitting on a park bench reading. This always stuck in my head and I always knew it was a picture I would like to have. We lucked out — we found a perfect bench and I love the angel statue in the background.

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25 weeks

1 Aug

A teaser pic of our maternity shoot on Friday with Photographer Tatiana Breslow at the Ringwood Botanical Gardens. The day turned out to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see how the rest came out.

I was a little nervous about being a model, but Martino was a ham and helped me to relax. Tatiana was great to work with and was so sweet to bring us some cupcakes! (red velvet of course)