Last Minute Change..

19 Jul

I am sitting here icing my sausage toes, lol.  I will have to post a pic soon of the big buddha belly.

Can’t wait for Wednesday! It’s the first time Martino will get so see the babies since they were teeny tiny blips on the screen. He came for the anatomy scan but the US tech was a bit of a weirdo and wouldn’t let us see the screen or ask any questions. Wednesday, we are headed to Dr. Alvarez’s office for a growth, fluid check. Love his US techs, they always spend the time to show us the lil ones dancing around.

Nursery Update:  Martino and I were in Target (of course, lol) and he decides that the Dwell Studio lil dots bedding was a lil too blah for Marco. So, we picked up the last one of the Dwell Studio Space bedding. There goes my unisex simple nursery idea, lol. It’s all good, I actually like it and the colors. Now I just need to find a carpet, lamp and end table to put near the glider. Hopefully, after the ultrasound on Wednesday we can trek over to Ikea.


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