So, I changed my mind ;)

16 Jul

I thought I was sold on the MIGI Alphabet bedding. But then last weekend, I went to stroll through Target and they were having a great clearance sale. I picked up the Dwell Studio Little Dots for $45 (x2 is a much better deal)!

I was pretty set on doing the same bedding for both babies (oh, did I mention we are having a Boy and Girl!). I think this was driving my mom crazy, lol. The room is just too small to go crazy to do half boy half girl. And then I went back to Target to do some returns and found this set. It’s cute and feminine without being to baby-ish. Plus, I think it will go nicely with the brown dot set.

Check and Check! Bedding is done!

Martino picked up the glider today, can’t wait to have it set up in the room. As soon as the basement is finished, we can get going and paint the room.It’s going fast! July is almost gone, August is going to fly by with the shower, then Martino’s birthday and our anniversary. I can’t believe before I know it we are going to have two lil babies. I can’t wait to see their faces!


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