Furniture & Bedding = Check

27 Jun

The furniture is ordered and all set for delivery. (now if only the basement would get finished so we can clean out the nursery!)  We went with white instead of the 2-tone or espresso. As much as I loved the more ornate cribs, it won’t work trying to fit 2 in the room, so we went with the City Lights. Can’t wait to see it all set up. Rave for Bambi Baby for being so friendly and helpful.

Trying to choose  bedding sets was driving me batty. At first I wanted to do one girl set, one boy set but trying to find something that I loved was too hard. Then I was trying to find an Etsy seller to make custom bedding but came to my senses. All the while, I kept coming back to the MiGi Alphabet collection. Even before I knew the babies’ genders, there is just something that I love about the Alphabet.  I know I am picky – I didn’t want anything too “baby-ish”, I hate pink and decided the best was to get the same set for both. Oila!

MiGi Alphabet Collection

Now the search is on for  a carpet and paint colors.


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